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New Foundations Class Begins in January!!

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Mission Statement of the Hunyuan Taiji Academy

The Hunyuan Academy is devoted to the promotion of Chen Style Taijiquan of Grandmaster Hong Junsheng and Chen Style Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. Taiji is part of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. Through the learning of these two styles of taijiquan, we can improve our physuical and spiritual well-being. This will add to the brick and mortar in the search of the Great Dao. It is our belief that this approach will also bring peace and freedom to our body and mind.

Atlanta Branch Background

Dave Hilburn is the current instructor for the Hunyan Taiji Academy Atlanta. He is certified to teach Chen Style Taijiquan, Qigong and the 24 step Hunyuan Taijiquan form.

Joseph (Zhonghua) Chen is President and head instructor of the Hunyuan Taiji Academy and technical director for the Atlanta branch.

Master Chen is a 19th generation master of Chen Style Taijiquan under Grandmaster Hong Junsheng and 2nd generation master of Hunyuan Taijiquan under Master Feng Zhiqiang. You may visit the website of Chen Zhonghua's Hunyuan Taiji Academy by clicking here or by the link at the top of the page.

Thank you for visting our website and please feel free to contact the Hunyuan Taiji Academy, Atlanta by calling (404) 610-8555 or by clicking here.

Dave & Chen Zhonghua pushing hands Dave & Feng Zhiqiang